The best cruises and what to pack before you cruise!

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Do you cruise? Been considering a cruise? If so, you're not alone - over 1.2 million Australians went on a cruise last year and the numbers are rising.

I've had a few customers putting together wardrobes for upcoming cruises recently so I thought I would share a little on some fabulous cruise options and my suggestions for a capsule wardrobe to wear whilst sailing the seas.

The Norwegian Jewel Cruise Ship has long been a popular choice internationally (it's Alaskan trip is particularly in-demand) and now docks in Australia too. It has won awards for the best on-board entertainment and has plenty of restaurants and bars.

If you are planning a cruise because you'd like some quiet time to relax (i.e. you'd prefer not to end up on a party cruise), the Noordam Cruise Ship might be for you. The crowd is a little older and it is known for delivering an elegant and sophisticated experience.

Looking for a smaller cruise that does something different than the rest? The Great Escape Charter Company cruises in style through the Kimberleys. You can combine luxury with adventure in a truly stunning part of Australia.

The MSC Cruise Ships are a great option if you'd like to do a tour of Europe. 

Of course there are hundreds of options out there, so here is a great link for comparing cruise ships and itineraries -

Now to the important part... what to wear??

Like with any travel wardrobe, I would recommend a capsule wardrobe. A foundation of basics which you can effortlessly mix and match. However with a cruise, I would increase the amount of silk pieces you pack. Kaftans are the ultimate in cruise ship style and they offer the versatility of being able to wear them over swimmers when lounging by the pool or adding pants and a pair of heels to wear them to dinner.

Here is my suggestion for an example of a cruise capsule wardrobe:

Short silk kaftan (wear alone or with resort pants)

Long silk kaftan (wear by itself or over resort pants)

Silk kaftan top (wear with resort pants)

Bamboo resort pants (wear with everything!)

Waffle singlet dress in white (wear alone or with kimono jacket or wrap)

Silk kimono jacket (wear over singlet dress or resort pants and singlet)

Silk dress (wear with sleeves or without)

Bamboo singlet (wear with resort pants)

Bamboo wrap (wear with absolutely anything - an important item for when things get chilly)

Waterfall cardigan (particularly if you're travelling in the cooler months)

Add to this a pair of sandals, a pair of heels, a pair of sneakers, a couple of pairs of swimmers, a hat, pyjamas.. and you're set!

Are you a seasoned cruiser? Have some great packing tips? Have a cruise you'd recommend? We'd love to hear your suggestions in the comments!






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