One wrap - endless outfit options! Pt 1

Posted by Marcelle Gosling on

Anyone who follows me on social media would know that I can't stop raving about the versatility of my bamboo wraps. They are chic and timeless, and once you own one you will wonder what you ever did without it!

I love to offer my customers clothing that is beautiful but versatile. You want to spend your money wisely on quality pieces that you will wear regularly and feel fabulous in. The Goddess Bamboo Wrap definitely ticks all these boxes! In fact, I wear it at least 8 different ways, probably more and always feel great in it.

It can be worn casually or formally and works in both hot and cold weather. It is perfect for when you want a little bit of coverage for your arms, is a scarf as well as a wrap, even being able to be worn as a head scarf when you need more coverage - when you're travelling for example.

Here's a little video I put together of a few of the different ways I wear this wrap. I'll share some more soon. Enjoy!

Want your own bamboo wrap? They're available here in my online store.


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