How to look good but pack light when travelling..

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I love to travel and I love to help style travel wardrobes for my clients. An amazing trip is made even better when you have a great portable wardrobe of clothes that are stylish, comfortable and give you options for all the different occasions and places your holiday may take you, whether it be time at the beach, a day of sight seeing or a fancy dinner.

But looking good and feeling comfortable on your travels doesn't have to mean lugging around huge suitcases full of clothes and shoes. I love to put together travel capsule wardrobes that allow you to travel light but still have lots of outfit options. In fact, I have even styled a customer a travel wardrobe for a Europe tour that gave her all the outfits and accessories she needed for everything from sightseeing to a night at the opera and weighed in at less than 7kg. That's right, you can tour Europe with check-in luggage only!

In the coming weeks I will be sharing here on the blog about what to pack, how to style essential pieces in a variety of different ways and show some examples of how I get a maximum number of outfits from my travel capsule wardrobes.

What I am even more excited about is that within the next fortnight, I will begin to add items to my online store. So chances are if you see something you love here on the blog, you'll be able to purchase it easily and quickly from my online store.

As a bit of a teaser, here is an example of one of my travel capsule wardrobes. Light, comfortable, stylish pieces that don't take up much room in your luggage. But wait until you see how many outfits I can make from this one wardrobe!

Stay tuned...

Marcelle xx


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