Dressing for Menopause

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Doing menopause in style.. is it even possible?

Despite the vast majority of women experiencing significant symptoms of menopause at some stage post-40, it's still something that isn't talked about a lot. Particularly how to dress during menopause so you can still feel stylish, comfortable and, most importantly, cool when those hot flushes strike.

Well, I want to talk about it!!

If you're trying to navigate your wardrobe during the 'change of life', here's a basic guide:

1. Material matters

The most important thing is that you are wearing breathable fabrics. Avoid polyester and opt for natural fabrics such as silk, cotton and bamboo (these three fabrics make up the bulk of my wardrobe!) They will allow your skin to breathe and won't trap heat and moisture. Bamboo is especially fabulous as it is thermo-regulating, meaning it keeps you cool when you're warming up and yet still keeps you warm when you're cold.

2. Think layers

Let's be honest, sticking your head in the fridge isn't always an option when you're experiencing a hot flush. If you have dressed in coordinated layers, it makes it easy to strip a layer off when you start to heat up and quickly and easily layer up when your temperature cools again. Wraps are particularly great as you are able to slip them off quickly and inconspicuously - I love to tie mine around my waist and just make it part of my outfit if I suddenly get too hot.

3. Sweet dreams

Many women going through menopause feel most uncomfortable at night, experiencing broken sleep due to being too hot in bed. Invest in some comfortable pjs made from a natural fabric. I live in my bamboo pyjamas! Bamboo is highly absorbent and keeps you cooler by drawing moisture away from the skin, giving you a better chance of a good night's sleep. Bamboo sheets are a great help too.

4. Loosen up

Opt for clothes that skim the body, rather than hugging it. It's flattering, allows for air circulation and makes hot flushes a little more bearable.

5. Dress up

If you are really in the depths of menopause and are feeling hot a lot of the time, dresses and skirts are always going to keep you cooler than wearing pants. Invest in a couple of basic skirts and dresses that can be worn a variety of different ways.

6. Look after yourself

Be kind to yourself.. your body is experiencing major hormonal changes. Don't forget to rest, exercise, keep hydrated and doing things that help you relax and recharge. And there's nothing wrong with sticking your head in the fridge when you need to as well!




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