Black Capsule Wardrobe

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Owning a capsule wardrobe will change your life.

It will save you time, money and hassle. A capsule wardrobe is essentially a combination of well-selected pieces that can be combined to create a dozen different outfits, leaving you looking effortlessly stylish.

Based on bamboo essentials, a capsule wardrobe is particularly good for travel - wrinkle-free, light and perfect for layering.

Allow me to introduce my Black Capsule Wardrobe. All of these pieces are available in our online store. Shop here.


A-line Singlet in Black

Straight Leg Pant or Resort Pant

Nourishing Wrap in Bag

Stripe Singlet

Stripe Straight Skirt 

3/4 sleeve top


to this I would also add:

a silk boat neck top

a pair of black heels

a comfortable pair of flats (I love these flats from Frankie 4)

a scarf or suede wrap

a hat


With these 6 essentials, I can make 20 different outfits, as you can see below.

Need personalised styling advice or would like me to customise a capsule wardrobe? Please get in contact.

Black capsule outfit suggestions: 

1. Stripe skirt & stripe top

2. Stripe skirt & stripe top with nourishing wrap tied around waist

3. Strip skirt & stripe top with nourishing wrap tied as a cape

4. Stripe skirt & black singlet

5. Stripe singlet, black singlet & wrap

6. Stripe skirt & black 3/4 sleeve tee

7. Stripe skirt & black 3/4 sleeve tee with nourishing wrap tied around waist

8. Stripe skirt & wrap tied as a top

9. Straight pant or resort pant & stripe top

10. Pants, stripe top & wrap

11. Pants & wrap tied as a top

12. Pants and black singlet

13. Pants, black singlet & wrap

14. Pants & black 3/4 sleeve tee

15. Pants, black 3/4 sleeve tee & wrap

16. Pants, black 3/4 sleeve tee & wrap tied around waist

17. Pants, black singlet & wrap tied as cape

18. Pants, black 3/4 sleeve tee & wrap tied as cape

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